About Us

In an industry where specialisation is key, the right combination of expertise is essential. 

The founding director, Hendrik Markram, is not only an attorney, but also a qualified civil engineer and is a construction and engineering law specialist.  He draws on his technical knowledge to offer sound legal advice to the construction and engineering sectors. 

Amelia Markram combines her masters degree in contract law with her experience in the field of property law to advise clients in the commercial property sector.

Our specialist practice areas include Construction Law, Construction and Engineering Disputes, including Alternative Dispute Resolution, Insurance Law, Construction Guarantees, Property Law, Industrial Law, Product Liability Law, Medical Law and Law of Contract. 

The standard industry contract suites, including the Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC) series, Fédéderation Internatinnale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC), New Engineering Contracts (NEC) and General Conditions of Contract (GCC) are specific to our areas of expertise.