Medical Law – HPCSA Professional Board Nominations – CHOOSE YOUR PEERS WISELY!

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (“HPCSA”) are inviting medical practitioners to submit nominations for members of their respective Professional Boards, which members will be appointed by the Minister of Health to serve on the respective boards for a new term of office effective 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2020 (5 years).


The Professional Boards are co-ordinating bodies for healthcare practitioners registered with the HPCSA. Each Professional Board deals with matters relating to its specific profession, including maintaining and applying fair standards of professional conduct and practice in order to effectively protect the interests of the public, as well as investigating complaints made against practitioners.

The members of the Professional Boards, inter alia, have the authority to institute disciplinary proceedings with regard to a complaint, charge or allegation of unprofessional conduct made against a practitioner, in which event the practitioner will be subjected to a disciplinary process in terms of the HPCSA regulations. The committee responsible for adjudicating the matter will consist of, inter alia, members of such practitioner’s particular Professional Board.

A board member is required, inter alia, to be a South African Citizen registered with the HPCSA, not previously sequestrated and/or disqualified from practicing his or her profession under the Health Professions Act, and not previously found guilty of improper or disgraceful conduct at a disciplinary inquiry. Furthermore, a person shall not be considered for appointment should he or she have served two consecutive terms of office on a Professional Board.


Nominations have to be made on a nomination form signed by the nominator and must reach the HPCSA by no later than 16:30 on 30 October 2014.

Each nomination form must propose only one person as a nominee. The nominee must accept the nomination by way of signature on the nomination form or by letter or facsimile received by the HPCSA not later than the closing date for nominations.

The nomination forms and further information regarding the nomination process can be found on the HPCSA’s website, the links of which are provided below for ease of reference:


It is important that the members of the respective Professional Boards are competent, fair, experienced and well respected medical practitioners as they will determine the standards of the profession. The nomination process provides practitioners with an opportunity to be involved in the selection of these members, thereby allowing them input in the future development of the ethical standards of their respective profession.