Construction – New Dam Construction in the Eastern Cape

EngineeringNews reports that the construction of the R200-million Ludeke dam, which formed part of the first phase of Umgeni Water’s R830-million Greater Mbizana regional bulk water supply scheme in the Eastern Cape, started last week with the closure of the Ludeke river. 

In its totality, Greater Mbizana regional bulk water supply scheme would provide 20-million litres of safe drinking water to 266 000 people daily.

Ludeke dam was expected to hold 14.5-billion litres of water and cater for existing water demand, as well as any estimated increases over the next 30 years.

The construction of the dam, which was located about 60 km north-west from Port Alfred, was expected to start as soon as the bed of the Ludeke river was completely dry.  The dam comprised two embankments, one of which was 40 m, as well as a 17-m-high saddle embankment, which closes off a neck in the basin. An established and effective method of building embankments – with a clay core supported by a rockfill shell – was being employed.

The Greater Mbizana regional bulk water supply scheme comprised the new Ludeke dam, a pumped raw water supply system to the existing Nomlacu water treatment works, which was to be upgraded in two phases to 20 000 m3/d, and a bulk treated water supply system within the Mbizana local municipality.

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